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dojo_portDojo is a school for training in Japanese arts of self-defense, such as judo and karate. It is where, in the samurai ancient texts was said to be the place where one could die one thousand times to avoid dying in combat. It’s a person’s learning and enlightening environment throughout his/her life as a fighter and a master. It’s a place to be respected as a study environment, his/her home extension.A lot of fighters, known to Budo, as they enter dojo, they make a reverence showing their recognition and respect to the place.

The Word dojo comes from the Zen Buddhism, in the Zen , it means the place of having “satori” trasnlating, the place to reach enlightening. In this environment, the monks exercise all their monasterial practices such as meditation, concentration, the mind and breathing control. In the dojo, the fighter has to have a warrior behavior, a martial art trainer that is there to learn and evolving, brushing his mistakes searching for improvement.The more graduated ones need to know that they are reference to the less graduated ones, therefore they must set examples for the training behavior. The correct conduct should be basic for all dojos. Unfortunately, in some dojos. This conduct have been forgotten.
We must understand that in the dojo, our opponents are our friends and study partners, because we we can only fight and improve when there is na opponent, with whom we can combat. For this reason. We must preserve the physical integrity either ours or our company’s.
The concentration when it comes to fighting, the commitment to obey the training schedule and the discipline while studying the positions taught by the instructor, help the fighter’s improvement.. The care with the kimono, personal hygiene, asking for permission to leave the dojo, correct posture while seated, neat kimono and care with the words that are pronounced, being in silence during the training are very important and they reflect the dojo’s quality.
The fighter must know that in thies place s/He exercises and improves not only the body but his mind and spirit. Tough fighter does not mean s/he is impolite but the opposite. It’s up to us to be responsible and implement this basic concept so that our martial art will be recognized as citzen former and to become na olympic Sport, and even a subject a tour schools.
Luiz Dias, líder da GAS JJ twitter: @gasjj

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